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Do you ever feel stuck or like your thinking is clouded?  Are you looking for more balance, clarity, and direction?  Give yourself the gift of renewed energy by spending a few hours with Andrea Carver, L.M.T., C.T.  You’ll leave with the vital tools needed to help you refocus and rejuvenate your your body, mind, and spirit.

NOTE: There are no live events currently scheduled due to my relocation to France.


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If you missed out on Andrea’s live events or want to continue learning from one you’ve already attended, check out the online store!  There, you can listen to or watch past events at your convenience.  This is also where Andrea’s meditation recordings can be found and where she share’s insights into the power of the mind, the healing energy of the chakras, the benefits of meditation, the ripple effects of forgiveness, and other enlightening concepts to improve your overall well-being.


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I am relocating to France and am not currently accepting any new appointments.  I will be returning to the States in 2020. In the meantime, here is a list of service providers. Hopefully one of them will be a good fit for you.

Brooke Prothero 801-668-1851
Jamie Yeomans 801-694-4500
Sharlene Ashton 801-644-5009
Autumn Hutchens 385-329-1413
Melissa Johns 360-903-5863
Mindy Kotter 801-920-6357
Kalley Sherman 801-645-6690
Elisabeth Bears 720-545-7848
Holly Bowerman RN, HNB-BC 801-671-1709


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Live Life with Intention



  • “I know many of us, who are attuned to our divine feminine, are definitely feeling the shift happening right through us.  Andrea is a master at connecting us to our divine selves.  I’ve worked with her for eight years.  I hope some of you will treat yourselves to one of her powerful, beautiful events, as she is a woman who lives what she teaches.”

    – Kellee
  • “I’ve absolutely loved using Andrea’s meditation CD and listen to it every night when I fall asleep.  It helps ground me and be focused at work and more present with my two small kids.  I don’t get much time to myself, but I’ve found that using that time to meditate is worth more than sleep.  When I’m putting my make-up on in the morning, it’s so easy to listen to the audio on my phone to get my day off to a great start.  Whether I listen to Andrea’s CDs or just meditate on my own, it’s made huge changes in how grounded and centered I feel.”

    – Nora
  • “I’ve been a fan of Deepak Chopra for years and love his meditations.  I’m so excited that there’s someone here in Utah who can teach us the information for half the cost!  I’ve always loved going to Andrea’s workshops, so I know she’ll be awesome at sharing Deepak’s material in an easy, relatable way.”

    – Jennifer
  • "I followed up my cranial visits with Andrea by enrolling in her workshops.  Learning from Andrea firsthand has been such a great blessing in the lives of my entire family.  We are so grateful for her knowledge and expertise and the lively, fun way she relates with everyone.  She has a way of putting everyone at ease and making them feel comfortable.  We love that about her."

    - Roger
  • "Andrea has been a life-saver and game-changer.  I’ve been blown away by her intuitive abilities and absolute freedom from judgment.  She is the kind of person who is able to relate to anyone and everyone and help them progress wherever they are at.  Any time you can invest in learning from Andrea will be worth it.  I personally guarantee that that has been the case for me."

    - Brad