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Beginners’ Meditation

Recommended listening:  before bedtime

This thirty-minute, guided meditation focuses on releasing and replacing negative emotions and beliefs — stored in the body’s chakras — with positive ones.  Individual chakras have a specific musical note associated with them.  To enhance your healing experience, the accompanying music to this guided meditation is composed in each of the chakras’ individual musical keys.  It is suggested that you listen to this recording each night before bed.  It will relax and calm the mind, allowing you to bring your chakras into balance.

This meditation also has an incredible bonus!  The recording was designed in such a way that you will still get the healing benefits of the meditation subliminally, even if you fall asleep during it!


Accelerated Meditation

Recommended listening:  at the start of your day

Prior to listening to this meditation, it is suggested that you listen to the full-length, thirty minute “Beginners’ Meditation” at least five times.  This will ensure that you are able to receive the full benefits of this twelve minute accelerated meditation.  It is always okay to listen to the longer version, as it is a great companion recording to listen to before bedtime.

This accelerated version is the recommended, calming, focused start to your day each morning, but it can be enjoyed anytime.  In addition to the twelve minute meditation, this audio recording includes bonus selections.  The song, “Breathe,” promotes a calming breath in preparation for meditation, while “Positive Affirmations” and the “Good Morning God Prayer” echo each other to help provide positive perspective and set intentions at the start of your day.


TWO PACK: Beginners’ Meditation & Accelerated Meditation

Purchase both audio downloads and save.


In this downloadable, ninety-minute, live-event workshop recording, you can join empowerment professional, Andrea Carver, L.M.T., C.T., to learn the self-awareness skills to help your mind create your desired reality.

In this workshop, Andrea teaches you how to:

  • muscle test
  • mend relationships
  • shield yourself from toxic relationships
  • set yourself free of limiting core beliefs
  • take responsibility for your life
  • recognize the workings of vibration and frequency
  • use visualization skills
  • transfer the energy from your mind into actual, positive, life changes

This is a class about optimizing the strengths within yourself to get incredible, extrinsic results!   Learn how to transfer the needed energy from your mind into your life to improve your health, spirituality, relationships, and overall wellness.  Download the audio or video to listen to and/or watch at your preferred convenience.

The Spirit of the Chakras Part 1 – Live Class Recording

In this downloadable, live-event recording, chakra master, Andrea Carver, L.M.T., C.T., lays the groundwork for the importance of paying attention to our chakras.  This part one recording begins with the chakra fundamentals and explains how their well-being impacts every aspect of a person’s physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Use this recording to learn the basics of chakras, such as:

  • their sanskrit definition and what they are
  • how they serve as a map to our inner world
  • their locations and colors
  • the positive and negative emotions associated with each of them
  • their corresponding musical notes
  • the cells, tissues, and organs impacted by each chakra

In this course, you will learn to pinpoint your strengths, weaknesses, and interests to determine which chakras need the most healing attention.  You will grasp basic coping skills for anxiety, stress, and depression to leave you feeling empowered and with a greater sense of control.  You will also gain an understanding of how balancing one’s chakras can lead to a fuller, more energized life.

Download the audio or video to enjoy this experience at your preferred listening or viewing convenience.  Part two will build upon what you learn in this workshop.

The Spirit of the Chakras Part 2 – Live Class Recording

This downloadable, live-class recording is a continuation of part one’s exploration of the spirit of the chakras.  Building upon the chakra basics and their importance in our daily lives from part one, Andrea further describes how each item you learned about can now be applied to your life.

In this recording, you will learn:

  • how chakras can alter the functioning abilities of each associated organ and gland in the body
  • the wisdom of using essential oils, crystals, musical notes, color-therapy, and food to release emotional blocks
  • how releasing limiting core beliefs stored generationally within you can help avoid disease, weakened immunity, and imbalance

Embrace the journey of clearing past trauma and emotional clutter to access divine love and light by synergistically helping your chakras work with you and for you.  Download now to enjoy at your convenience.


The Spirit of the Chakra Part 1 & Part 2 – Live Class Recordings

Download both and save.


The Spirit of the Chakra Part 1 & Part 2 – Live Class Recordings

Download both and save.

Reconnect to the Divine Within (for Women) – Live Class Recording

Featured keynote speaker, Andrea Carver, L.M.T., C.T., brings you empowering information for women only!  From finding ourselves after losing ourselves to the needs of others, or getting passion back into our lives, Andrea addresses the important, real-life issues all women face.

Learn how to:

  • prioritize the essential things
  • nurture yourself
  • find your passion
  • recognize the distractions that get you stuck
  • see the illusion that is your old story
  • change your perception
  • create a new story for yourself
  • move forward in joy

Learn to tap into your divine femininity and reawaken the goddess within!  A guaranteed life changer for all involved, and one you definitely won’t want to miss!  Download to begin your journey to a more awakened, abundantly beautiful life.

Intro to Meditation – Live Class Recording

In this live-class recording, you will be taught four major life questions to ask yourself each day you meditate to set the intention to create your best life.

An introduction to meditation is for everyone!  Whether you’ve struggled with meditation in the past, are simply new to the journey, or are already a regular, Andrea — having trained under the tutelage of renowned spirit leader, accomplished endocrinologist, and meditative expert, Deepak Chopra, M.D. — will solidify your foundation in a practice answering the call for peace within and throughout the world.  This foundation includes the following skills and life bonuses:

  • learning to remain grounded amidst chaos
  • receiving clarity of mind
  • gaining inspiration & discernment
  • building more meaningful relationships
  • training the mind to stay in the present
  • retaining knowledge and retrieving it easily
  • improving overall health
  • realizing your true potential

This course will teach you how to reconnect with your divine self and help you know how to change past, negative meditation experiences into positive ones.  You will be able to go forward knowing how to face and overcome your fears, which will naturally lead you to creating a more peace-filled and abundant life.  Available for download to enjoy at your convenience.

Journey within Meditation – Live Class Recording

Go deeper into the game-changing healing practice that literally alters the biology of your body with Andrea Carver, L.M.T., C.T.  Andrea brings a wealth of unique meditative knowledge and experience, having trained in person under the tutelage of world renowned healer and meditation expert, Deepak Chopra, M.D.

Andrea’s immense experience and sensitivities allow her to provide you with insights beyond what you’ve likely known before in your meditative practices.  Meditation is scientifically proven to reduce anxiety and depression, improve focus, decrease stress, and lower blood pressure.  Besides the already amazing benefits of regular meditation are the added insights which Andrea brings:

  • teachings of the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, according to Deepak Chopra, M.D.
  • specific daily tasks to practice the principles of each of these laws meaningfully
  • sanskrit mantras to open chakras and change the body’s vibration
  • added clarity and inspiration on these teachings
  • daily mantras, affirmations, and applications to take your meditation to another level
  • the ability to create a different spiritual intent for each day of the week

If you’ve ever found meditation boring, distracting, or frustrating, this event will teach you the skills to change that.  You will learn to make your practice your own, fit your experience with your individual needs, and stay true to yourself throughout the process.  Meditation crosses all cultures, religions, and other supposed barriers to include anyone and everyone seeking greater peace, health, happiness, and love.  Download now to enjoy over and over again.


Intro to Meditation & Journey Within Meditation – Live Recorded Classes

Buy both and save!


Intro to Meditation & Journey Within Meditation – Live Recorded Classes

Buy both and save!

Forgiveness – Live Class Recording

Download this exclusive training with Andrea Carver, L.M.T., C.T., to experience the transformation of forgiveness in your life.  If you struggle with forgiveness, whether forgiving others, yourself, or knowing someone who refuses to forgive you, you are not alone.  Forgiveness is a universal struggle.  This struggle involves not only our relationships with others, but also with money and food, and other objects that can create addictions.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • the tools for helping forgive someone who has deeply hurt you
  • the destructive ways lack of forgiveness can wreak havoc on your health
  • how lack of forgiveness creates walls that limit your access to your higher power
  • how forgiveness improves all aspects of your physical health, including weight
  • how forgiveness frees you from your past, restores your self-worth, and allows you to step into a brighter, more purposeful life

If you’re ready to stop feeling stuck and be free of the past to move forward and create healthy, safe relationships, this is the workshop for you!  You will gain a drastically different perspective on how forgiveness impacts your relationships and your health.  Even more importantly, you’ll leave knowing how to change your life by forgiving and finally letting go!


25 Ways to Purposely Live Life with Intention

This FREE e-book is a great accompaniment to Andrea’s audio meditation collection, or is a solid daily meditation for purposeful intention all on its own.  Enjoy twenty-five, tried-and-true splices of daily insight and wisdom that — with time and focused attention — can help you evolve your continued healing process.

Take Andrea’s advice to do your best with one intention at a time, adding another one or two as your abilities grow stronger.  Download your copy of Andrea’s e-book to keep progressing in all twenty-five recommended ways now!