VIDEO: The Power of the Mind & Energy – Live Class Recording


In this downloadable, ninety-minute, live-event workshop recording, you can join empowerment professional, Andrea Carver, L.M.T., C.T., to learn the self-awareness skills to help your mind create your desired reality.

In this workshop, Andrea teaches you how to:

  • muscle test
  • mend relationships
  • shield yourself from toxic relationships
  • set yourself free of limiting core beliefs
  • take responsibility for your life
  • recognize the workings of vibration and frequency
  • use visualization skills
  • transfer the energy from your mind into actual, positive, life changes

This is a class about optimizing the strengths within yourself to get incredible, extrinsic results!   Learn how to transfer the needed energy from your mind into your life to improve your health, spirituality, relationships, and overall wellness.  Download the audio or video to listen to and/or watch at your preferred convenience.



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