EVENT + RECORDING: Forgiveness


December 9th, 2017 – 7:00pm-9:00pm

Let FORGIVENESS Transform Your Life

Do you struggle with Forgiveness?

Have you ever struggled to forgive someone? Have you ever offended someone, and they won’t forgive you? Can you forgive everyone but yourself? Forgiveness affects everyone on this planet, and it involves not only relationships with people but also relationships with money and food. This workshop is for anyone who wants to experience improved health and a happier, richer quality of life through forgiveness.

Improve Your Health

Let forgiveness transform your life on all levels, including your physical health. Forgiveness affects every organ and gland in your entire body, and even weight gain is tied to an inability to let go of the past. Become aware of how destructive unforgiveness really is, wreaking havoc on your central nervous system, robbing you of sleep, weakening your vision, and straining your heart. These physical ailments are costing you success in all areas of your life!

It’s All About Relationships

Our entire life centers around relationships, and to maintain healthy relationships we must forgive ourselves and others. These relationships are not only with people but also with money, food, and other objects that can create addictions. Addictions come when we are trying to numb the pain in our heart by looking for substitutes for the love we’re missing. Forgiving yourself and others frees you from the past, restores your self-worth, and allows you to step forward into a brighter, more purposeful life.

Key Benefits

Gain life-changing perspectives that will enlighten and motivate you to forgive your past and move forward. The majority of pain we hold in our heart is from our inability to forgive ourselves. Get rid of the walls around your heart that keep you from hearing your higher-self and God, or your higher power.

Stop Feeling Stuck

Leave motivated and knowledgeable about how to enrich the relationships in every aspect of your life.

Finally be free of the past to move forward and create healthy, safe relationships.

Renewed Perspective

You will leave with a drastically different perspective on how forgiveness impacts your relationships and your health, and even more importantly, you’ll leave knowing how to change your life by forgiving and letting go.

Plus get the recording so you can experience it over and over!

Don’t want the recording? Click here to just attend the event.

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