Meet Andrea & Her Work

I am Andrea Carver, a massage and craniosacral therapist, a meditation practitioner, a mother of six, a wife of thirty-eight years, and a friend to many.  At the heart of my work as a therapist is a spiritual understanding of the unlimited potential for growth of the human spirit.  My chosen profession is about healing the body, mind, and spirit through increased understanding and a willingness to let go of limiting beliefs.  I like to envision the healing process as something as abundantly limitless as the ocean, as cleansing as water, and as beautiful as our ability to release the darkness and let in the light.

The process of our own healing is much like the waves going in and out with the tide of the ocean.  It’s as though we bring our willingness to heal to the waterside.  We write our pains, our ills and wrongdoings, and our sufferings in the sand.  We write without judgment, without fear, and without shame.  As the wave washes over our words, it cleanses us of our old stories, disease, guilt, fear, shame, pain, and anger; essentially, of all the negative beliefs we hold onto.  Much like our own healing breath, the ocean rises and falls to take away and release us of our troubles. We simply must come to the shore to allow the process to happen.  Come to the ocean or the craniosacral therapy table, a workshop, or a meditation class, and let’s begin or continue your personal healing journey together.


I am often asked, “How did you get into this line of work?”  The answer is that my lengthy dealings with sickness led me to it.

Twenty-five years ago, I was not well.  I was suffering from an immune deficiency disorder that lasted for years.  I was always sick and very tired.  I had frequent stomach pain, severe allergies, and chronic sinus infections.  I had been to several doctors and could not find any relief.  I was introduced, by a dear friend, to an amazing craniosacral therapist.  Her name is Janet Berlin.

After my first cranial, I immediately felt the symptoms of my sicknesses subside.  I felt a huge release in my body and I saw and felt things I had never seen or felt before.  I was energized!  I gained new self-awareness, my perspectives on life changed, and I became aware of a newfound strength.  I realized that, for as long as I could remember, I had felt and heard emotions from other people and could not distinguish which were my feelings and which were theirs!  In short, I learned that I was an empath.


From the time I was very young, I have been able to read and feel the emotions of other people.  For example, I could be in a store and feel the energy of the woman behind me while standing in line, without even seeing her face.  Or, I could be happy going into a store, and walk out frustrated, sad or mad and not understand why.  When watching the news or a sad, scary, or intense movie, I would feel very heavy and depressed.  I felt everything Mother Earth was experiencing good or bad.

I was dealing with a tremendous amount of unfiltered emotions, and I didn’t have the tools or understanding to cope with them yet.  On top of this, I felt like my mother contributed to stifling my intuition because when I told her what was going on for me, she didn’t understand what I was dealing with or know how to help me.

Luckily Janet, my first craniosacral therapist, was able to help me.  She released a lot of negative perceptions within me and then taught me how to protect myself from picking up on other people’s energy.  It was liberating!  Finally, I could go places without feeling heavy, sad, depleted, or angry.  I used to hate flying in airplanes because the energy from others was so confined I couldn’t escape it.  I would feel claustrophobically overwhelmed with emotions and often feel very sick after flying.

After working with Janet, I became so fascinated with my heightened awareness and newfound ability to control the emotions I experienced.  Because of this, I couldn’t learn quickly enough about the process she was using to help me.  The connection between the body, mind, and spirit intrigued me.  I realized every imbalance I experienced in my body was created emotionally first.  If I released the emotions in my body, the physical symptoms disappeared.  Making that key correlation of how emotions affect the body and spirit were paramount for me and my healing.

In this learning process, I discovered so much about my mind, body, and spirit that I had never accessed or been aware of before.   My awareness and healing came full circle in three simple stages.  First, I realized I had been going through life completely unaware.  I realized next that I had become aware of my unawareness.  The third and final stage I went through was becoming aware that I was aware.  This stage is where all transformation and healing could begin.

For me, these stages are so important in awakening to your own life and allowing healing to happen:

1.  Going through life unaware.

2.  Becoming aware of your unawareness, and

3.  Becoming aware that you are aware.

Once I had become aware of my awareness, I felt free from all the negative, false perceptions that had kept me feeling stuck and sick.  I took my children to Janet and saw the healing that took place in them too.  I realized how my limited beliefs affected my children as well as myself.  I began to see how healing was a generational process, how my beliefs were passed on to my children, and how that would continue if my beliefs weren’t brought into awareness and consciously changed.

I began to heal the generational beliefs that affected myself and my children.  As I corrected something in me, my children would heal at the same time.  It was a liberating experience for my entire family.

At one point in our relationship, Janet had to move. I asked her if she would teach me intuitive craniosacral work.  She did, and I began by working on my own children.  My children sent me their friends, the friends sent their parents, and the rest is history.

I have been practicing for twenty years now, and my education and training have been extensive in that time.  Most recently, I have completed training and certification in meditation through live instruction with world renowned author and co-founder of the Chopra Center for Well-Being, Deepak Chopra, M.D., at his training site in Carlsbad, California.

I have taken several workshops in craniosacral therapy and energy work.  I am certified in several healing modalities, am a licensed massage therapist, and am certified in theta healing (levels 1, 2 and 3) and teaching rainbow children.  I incorporate the 10 step protocol when doing upledger craniosacral work.  I am also trained in kinesiology, Psych – K, EFT, IET (levels 1, 2 and 3), kinergetics, tuning forks, chakra healing and balancing, as well as many other healing methods and procedures.

I intuitively listen to the needs of the body, mind, and spirit in assessing the priorities of the clients with whom I work.  I ask the body which modality would best balance the chakras, and I use that process to bring the body back into a state of homeostasis.

In the past twenty years, I have worked on thousands of clients and have had very positive results.  I know God is the master healer in the process, and I am only the facilitator.  I am simply the conduit between you and God.  I consider my cranials to be a very spiritual journey.  They allow the body, mind, and spirit one hour of stillness and discovery that we rarely allow ourselves.  I feel it is a sacred time to reconnect to the divine within each person.

I am grateful for the imbalances in my body that led me to craniosacral therapy.   Because of this practice, I am healthy, energetic and full of life.  I am passionate about my work.  I love people and love to be a part of the transformational process.

I don’t take credit or blame for the results of a cranial, as I realize I am only the facilitator in a potentially powerful learning process.  I follow the lead and pace of each individual client, as I realize this process is your own, personal, spiritual journey.  I compare it to pealing off the layers of an onion until you reach the core where all transformation and awakening can take place.

I have been free from all of my health challenges for eighteen years.  I rarely get sick now, if at all.  I incorporate eating healthy live foods, exercising, doing yoga and meditation, and participating in energy work as part of my daily lifestyle.  I feel very blessed to have found the tools to assist me in living a passionate, balanced, and healthy life.


  • “I know many of us, who are attuned to our divine feminine, are definitely feeling the shift happening right through us.  Andrea is a master at connecting us to our divine selves.  I’ve worked with her for eight years.  I hope some of you will treat yourselves to one of her powerful, beautiful events, as she is a woman who lives what she teaches.”

    – Kellee
  • “I’ve absolutely loved using Andrea’s meditation CD and listen to it every night when I fall asleep.  It helps ground me and be focused at work and more present with my two small kids.  I don’t get much time to myself, but I’ve found that using that time to meditate is worth more than sleep.  When I’m putting my make-up on in the morning, it’s so easy to listen to the audio on my phone to get my day off to a great start.  Whether I listen to Andrea’s CDs or just meditate on my own, it’s made huge changes in how grounded and centered I feel.”

    – Nora
  • “I’ve been a fan of Deepak Chopra for years and love his meditations.  I’m so excited that there’s someone here in Utah who can teach us the information for half the cost!  I’ve always loved going to Andrea’s workshops, so I know she’ll be awesome at sharing Deepak’s material in an easy, relatable way.”

    – Jennifer
  • "I followed up my cranial visits with Andrea by enrolling in her workshops.  Learning from Andrea firsthand has been such a great blessing in the lives of my entire family.  We are so grateful for her knowledge and expertise and the lively, fun way she relates with everyone.  She has a way of putting everyone at ease and making them feel comfortable.  We love that about her."

    - Roger
  • "Andrea has been a life-saver and game-changer.  I’ve been blown away by her intuitive abilities and absolute freedom from judgment.  She is the kind of person who is able to relate to anyone and everyone and help them progress wherever they are at.  Any time you can invest in learning from Andrea will be worth it.  I personally guarantee that that has been the case for me."

    - Brad